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Meet Jason Branham

As a longtime resident of Richland County, I deeply care about our county’s future. I was raised in lower Richland County in a loving home and attended public schools in Hopkins. My wife and I moved to the Dutch Fork area in 2005 and have raised our two daughters here.

After establishing myself as a Real Estate Attorney, a neighbor knocked on my door one Saturday and asked me to get involved with a re-zoning request concerning a property across the street from my neighborhood.

As fate would have it, that moment ultimately propelled me to run for Richland County Council. Years ago, while a student at the University of South Carolina School of Law, I wrote a lengthy research paper on Richland County’s Comprehensive Land Use Plan. That foundation of knowledge was helpful as I investigated the re-zoning request and soon found myself reviewing county ordinances and processes. I attended and spoke at a county planning commission meeting soon thereafter along with dozens of other residents. I found myself put off by the flippant and dismissive tone of certain commissioners.

Later that day, I told myself and my wife that I was going to fight my way onto that commission. I knew I was qualified, and I knew that concerned citizens deserved more respect than what we had received that day. I worked directly with Councilman Malinowski, the developer’s agent, and concerned citizens to advocate for a new, less-dense zoning request that was more harmonious with the surrounding area.

Soon thereafter, Mr. Malinowski recommended me for appointment to the Board of Zoning Appeals where I had the honor to serve until a position became available on the Planning Commission. In both of these roles, I came prepared on day one and engaged immediately at a level I was told that neither group was accustomed to seeing from new appointees.

In December 2021, the Planning Commission elected me to serve as its Chairman.

I heard and answered these calls to serve. Throughout my life, I allow my love for this area and for others to fuel my studies, my law practice, and my community service. I am a man who identifies important objectives and works diligently to reach them. I am a man who believes that the citizens of Richland County deserve respect and quality service from their government.

You deserve a government that will communicate clearly what it is doing and why. It’s time to elect public servants that care enough to “do their homework”, to show up, and to advocate for what they believe is in the best interests of its people. This community needs a government that strives to avoid infringing on rights and freedoms and that holds itself accountable for how it spends tax money.

I am offering myself up to be a part of the solution and a part of a new era in Richland County – An era of competence, communication, and care.

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