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My Plan For Richland County

Key Issues in District One

Key Issues: Issues

Our Roads & The Penny Tax

While the state controls and maintains most of our roads, we saw the county introduce and the voters decide to implement a penny tax for local road projects in 2012. Over the last decade, projects have been either reduced or eliminated. We must continue to build up our local infrastructure and restore trust.

Land Development

Northwest Richland County is growing, and your county has a big influence on how land is developed in our area. I currently serve as chairman of Richland County’s Planning Commission, which deals in land development and zoning. I will use my experience and knowledge to promote policies for harmonious growth that does not overwhelm our communities.

Transparency & Accountability

For years, we watched one government agency after another investigate and find wrongdoings by our county council. You deserve a government that operates based on sound information and listens to its citizens and openly explains its actions. I will be a strong voice on county council for ‘good government’ and help usher in a new era of competence, communication, and care.

The Richland Renaissance Construction & Revitalization Program

The county has spent lots of time and money studying the Richland Renaissance program and now it seems very likely that it will not finish what it started. We need to get back on track with replacing worn-out county facilities while also being good stewards of how we spend our tax dollars.

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